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Indulge in the luxurious, classy, sassy, and chic world of Puneet Johar, The Label, where style and a sense of fashion blend seamlessly with the exhilarating joy of dressing up. From a young age, fashion has been ingrained in my DNA, watching in awe as my mother effortlessly curated perfect ensembles, from hand-picking fabrics to intricate embroidery and adding the finishing touch with exquisite jewelry.

Though I may have grown up as a tomboy (who would have guessed!), my creative side always yearned for expression. Finally, I spread my wings and embarked on my fashion journey, successfully launching my own label at the tender age of 20, back in India. This marked the beginning of a transformative chapter.

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Customer Reviews

Awesome collection

“I love visiting your boutique - I can spend hours there. So much to choose
from. And Puneet was superb with her honest recommendations. Loved my outfit!”

Amazing experience

I had an amazing experience with Puneet Johar the Label! Their fashion and style collections are simply outstanding. I’ve made several purchases, and I’ve received so many compliments on my outfits. The quality and uniqueness of their designs truly stand out. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to elevate their fashion game!


We absolutely loved our experience and the service we got

Honestly, we were unsure what type of outfit to buy for my sangeet and the color combination to get,
but Puneet made it so easy for us.

I got married in 2020 so to say the least I endorsed many challenges trying to plan the perfect wedding during a global pandemic. However, one thing that we did not have to worry about was picking out my husband's and mine wedding outfits. Puneet took care of us from the very beginning ensuring we looked our absolute best on our special day! We had to make slight alterations to the lehenga and it came out perfect! Puneet also helped pick out my jewelry and made sure I looked like a princess on my big day! Cannot thank Puneet enough for her patience and eye for design and style! 10/10 would recommend!

Kiran Singh

Puneet is a fashion magician, a design virtuoso, and an absolute gem to work with. Her keen eye for design, unparalleled understanding of color and fabric, and exquisite aesthetic sense are truly unmatched.
What sets Puneet apart is her ability to quickly grasp your personal style and translate it into a fabulous fashion statement. Whether it's finding the perfect fabric for a special occasion or helping you craft an entire wardrobe, Puneet effortlessly weaves magic. She played a pivotal role in curating every detail of my wedding outfit and that of my sister-in-law, making both occasions incredibly special and memorable.Her aesthetic is rich, bold, and always on point. Puneet's creations are a testament to her current and creative approach to outfitting, making every piece she designs a timeless masterpiece.

Meera Kotecha

I am genuinely amazed by the remarkable journey she has embarked upon in the world of ethnic fashion. Her dedication and passion for Indian clothing are evident in every aspect of her brand.
The collection she offers is a true celebration of the rich Indian heritage, blending traditional elements with a contemporary touch. From the moment I first browsed through the pieces, I could sense the care and creativity that went into designing each garment. The vibrant colors and intricate detailing of the embroidery showcase the love she has for Indian culture.
What sets her label apart is the unwavering commitment to quality. The garments are not only visually stunning but also comfortable to wear. The choice of fabrics and the impeccable craftsmanship speak volumes about her dedication to delivering excellence.
Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of her clothing label is the personalized service. She goes above and beyond to ensure her customers are satisfied. Her attention to every detail, from sizing to customization, is commendable. Her customer-first approach is something that many established brands could learn from.
In conclusion, Puneetjoharthelabel is a true gem in the world of ethnic fashion. Her unwavering passion, commitment to quality, and exceptional service make it a must-visit for anyone seeking authentic and beautifully crafted Indian attire.

rachna sadarangani

I highly recommend Punna’s services! I urgently needed an outfit and time was running out, Punna took matters into her own hands, got me my custom made outfit within a week! It was exactly what I was hoping for! She was professional, friendly and very easy to talk to. With her amazing fashion sense, she instantly understands your vision of what you are looking for and will make recommendations along the way. You can trust her LABEL to make you feel beautiful and elegant. I have already gone back to her for more outfits and will continue

Kiran Sandhu

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